Date Of Birth

October, 26

Father's Name

Sanjay Khan

Mother's Name

Zarine Khan

Degree Course

Interior Designing

Favorite Chocolate

Cadbury's Five-Star

Favorite Flowers

African Daisy



Dec 20, 2000




Sussanne Roshan

She is the envy of many young women, the target of affection of India's sweetest and sexiest heartthrob, but Hrithik's wife Sussanne is by no means just a pretty face. Daughter to film actor/director Sanjay Khan and mother Zarine Khan, she grew up knowing Hrithik only as a fellow kid in their celebrity neighborhood. 

After schooling in Mumbai, Sussanne spent two years in the US studying to obtain an Art Degree in interior designing. The overseas experience behind her, she came back to India a confident and independent young woman, where she and Hrithik met again, this time as friends. It was a meeting that was destined for greater things. 

An earning career woman even before Hrithik had acted in his first film, Sussanne and Hrithik became best friends and their friendship soon became love. She remained his support, love and confidante from the very beginning, days when Hrithik struggled to make his acting dreams a reality. Today she is the wife of a superstar, one of the nation's most popular celebrities, yet also an individual in every right, a professional interior designer with a successful career of her own. 

Early in 2006 Sussanne added one more to her many enviable roles, that of an adoring mom. Giving her ecstatic hubby, the Roshan family and the entire Du-loving world one of the most priceless gifts imaginable, a little Hrithik! The couple's first child, son Hrehaan was born on the 28th of March 2006, promising the world that the light of the Roshan family will continue to burn brightly for many generations to come.

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