Rules of the forum

Please read all the rules before posting on the forum.

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Rules of the forum

Postby infosolv » Mon Oct 16, 2006 11:30 am

Before you start posting, please read and follow these rules:

1. No bashing of Hrithik Roshan or ANY of his family members is Allowed. You will be banned immediately. If you have constructive criticism to offer that is all right. Constructive criticism means it is related to Hrithik's work. Even though he is a star there are some things that are still personal and those discussions are to be kept out of the forum.

2. No profanity (swearing) in your posts.

3. No bashing of any celebrity is Allowed. Only constructive criticism is allowed.

4. NO SPAMMING. Spammers will be banned permanently.

5. No Typing in CAPITAL letters is Allowed. It's considered yelling plus it is annoying to read!

6. You will be respectful of the admins and moderators as they are here to help you. Similarly the admins are moderators of the site and as such they need to be respectful of other's opinion. If you find any of them not adhering to this standard, email me directly at

7. There will be no threats against anyone on the forum. Any member making threats will be banned immediately.

8. If a member brings a valid and serious complaint against will be warned and then if your behavior does not improve you will be banned.

9. No Double or Triple Quoting is Allowed. Quote the person you are referring to and the point you are agreeing with ONLY. For everytime you carry on double/triple quoting you will recieve a warning

10. When you post any Hrithik pics or articles from any website and forum. Please credit them.

11. If you are found to be taking our media/pictures and posting them on other sites without crediting us then u will be banned IMMEDIATELY for being a lurker.

12. Do not create multiple usernames for yourself because we can check the IPs of the posts and can tell if someone is posting under two or more names.

13. DO NOT quote pictures. If you are quoting pic, remember to remove the [img] tags.

14. If you want to post a picture (on another forum) that is uploaded on our server, upload it on a free image host like or and post it there so that it doesn't eat our bandwidth.

15. No Personal Conversations with other members are meant to go in Topics opened to discuss certain subjects. Limit the conversation through messengers and private messaging.

16. Please Use "Anything Goes" for any complaints, comments, opinions you might have on Hrithik's career choices, work ethics, movies he signs and the wait between releases. Along the same lines your own predictions/whining on what if's etc.. needs to go to Anything Goes. A random post once in while is acceptable but consistent whining needs to be moved to Anything Goes.

If you have any questions just pm any of the admins. Welcome to our board and enjoy posting!

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