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Rules for the Multimedia section

Postby Sonia » Thu Mar 30, 2006 3:29 am

We changed the options now....Only Members with over 30 posts can access the multimedia section.

Spamming the forum to get 30 posts is not allowed....All posts will be deleted! Theres PLENTY of opportunities to make 30 posts!

I have been noticing alot of new members are joining and spamming the forum with "xhsss" and "i need 30 posts" this will not be tolerated! you will be immediately banned! Like I said before, theres plenty of topics on the forum to make 30 don't have to complete them in one day, if takes one extra day, the videos will be there!

If you have completed your 30 posts...PM me or Vani to grant you the access to Multimedia section!

Updated December 28, 2006!

We have been noticing that several members who have been granted access now just log in to take the videos and do not make any effort to participate in the forum discussions and therefore their access has been withdrawn. The access will be granted back if members do participate in the discussions yet again.

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