Rules for Signatures and Avatars

Please read all the rules before posting on the forum.

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Rules for Signatures and Avatars

Postby Vinisquam » Mon Nov 28, 2005 1:00 am

Please read the following rules related to Avatars and Signatures.

1-Avatars should be of size 100*100

2- If you are using avatars from any fan website (including do not directly hotlink them, upload it to a free hosting website such as or

3- When using Signatures and Avatars from other websites, make sure you credit the creators.

4-Signatures should be of size 500*300, no animated signatures allowed.

If anyone does not follow the rules, they will be warned 3 times, and after that will receive a temporary ban. So please make sure you read the rules and if you have any questions or need any more clarifications you can contact the Administrators or Moderators.
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Postby Sonia » Wed Apr 12, 2006 12:56 am

Everyone can finally use Signatures option on the forum now!

Signature Limit: 500 Width X 300 Height

Example of the Size:

Credit for Signature: Wajiha



1- Signatures must not exceed the size limit, else they will be deleted

2- No animated signatures allowed

3- When using anyones creations, please credit them

4- No member is allowed more than ONE signature
ImageImageImage Image
Credit for Sig: Laura & Babs / Credit for Avatar:LT

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