Globetrotting from Madrid to Dubai – Hrithik’s whirlwind trip.

It has been said that one should never forget about living life while busy making a living, and it seems to be counsel that Hrithik takes to heart. In a space of one week he’s been present for IIFA promotions in Madrid, fulfilled brand commitments to VIP in Prague and then landed up in Dubai with his boys as a fitting end to his global tour. 


He arrived in Madrid on March 12th to a huge flash mob that beautifully merged Bollywood and Spanish culture. The trio of Hrithik, Anil Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha played the perfect Bollywod ambassadors, shaking a leg as their respective tunes filled up the town square. The euphoria of the welcome was followed by individual shoots at the beautiful Plaza De Cibeles. A press conference the next day was followed by a meeting with Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema, Luka Modric and Gareth Bale; followed by a meeting with Mayor Manuela Carmena.


The next stop on Hrithik’s itinerary was Prague. Oliver Schneider of the ‘Spectre’ fame was the stunt director for the TVC of Hrithik’s newest brand endorsement, VIP Bags.

001     002

His whirlwind tour ended with a work come vacation trip in Dubai in the company of Hrehaan and Hridaan. Combining leisure with work, Hrithik also attended a private event for VIP bags at the Oberoi Hotel. Not one to keep the adventures restricted to the screen, father and sons had their fill – gokarting at Autodrome, free jumping at Bounce and water adventures at Wild Wadi. Hrithik returned to Mumbai on Tuesday to prepare for Hrehaan’s birthday on 28th March.

Finding life at the edge

Megan Drury recounts how Hrithik’s story motivated her to craft a life true to herself.


I first encountered Hrithik in 2012 when my boyfriend at the time suggested that we go see Agneepath in the theater. When we arrived, the theater was packed, so we had to take our seats in the second row, directly under the massive screen. I had no idea what this movie was about, so I waited patiently as the opening credits rolled.  An hour later, I was a sobbing mess.


Agneepath, we all know, it’s pure revenge. That’s the whole heart and meat of it, there’s nothing else. When I sat down in that theater, I was struggling with my own revenge story of sorts. I had just discovered that my loved one had betrayed me, and I couldn’t decide how to work with that knowledge. Stay or go? Yell and accuse, or extend compassion and forgive? Something about Vijay’s struggle to project an image as a strong man who betrays no feeling, juxtaposed with a face that shows every ripple of emotion, resonated with me, and I broke down crying.

A few minutes later, I looked over at my boyfriend, and he had put his feet up on the seat in front of him, was curled over in the fetal position, hand pressed to forehead, and he was sobbing.  “Why are you crying?” I asked, thinking maybe he was feeling some remorse for how he’d hurt me.

“I…have…no…daddy!”  He almost choked on the words.  He was that desperate with grief.  He was instantly transported back to that three-year-old baby whose daddy went out for a pack of cigarettes and never came back.

And that’s the genius of Hrithik.  It’s his performance that has that power, that is vibrating at all of these different frequencies, that draws people into a deeper emotional experience of themselves, regardless of whatever private sorrows they may be nursing.

My relationship didn’t last, and the year that followed was a lot of darkness and confusion.  When you’ve lived so long as one half to a whole, it’s a bit of an earth shock to realize that now you have only your own internal compass to guide you. Maybe it’s been years since you had a sense of your own true north. Maybe you never had it to begin with. So it takes a lot of bravery, a lot of patience, and a little playfulness to begin to know yourself again.

I gained a lot of weight that year, and the year that followed. I tried to rush into relationships, only to be hurt again. I finally found some professional success, but my job at an investment bank did little to feed my soul.  I wasn’t happy.


Then Bang Bang was released.  I don’t know what compelled me to see it – I certainly hadn’t been a diehard Hrithik fan in the intervening years. But I know I had another transformative experience, this time every bit as life-affirming as the previous experience was heart-wrenching.  There’s something about the character of Rajveer – he’s like a promise, like if you could just believe in your own possibility, if you could just be brave and start, start moving toward something, then you too might find that such a person lives within you.

I don’t know why I chose to believe in that promise. I guess I was just curious. Like, what if? I walked out of that theater thinking, what if I really just lived the life I wanted?  What if I jumped off the ledge without knowing how or whether I’d land in one piece?

So I closed my eyes and I jumped.  I quit my job at the investment bank. I tracked down an entrepreneur I’d always wanted to work with.  He had just sold one company and was looking to start another, but was looking for an idea. What does the world need?

What if there was an app that let you catch bad guys?

That’s how Trustify was born.  We let you hire a private investigator on demand, by the hour, confidentially and at low cost. Most of our work is protecting women and children, or tracking down criminals, or reuniting families. Somehow I’ve stumbled into this life where I literally get to be a superhero every day.


I’m not going to lie, Hrithik’s body has been every bit as much an inspiration as his acting. I started working out. I lost the weight. I’d always wanted to dance, so one day I signed up for pole dance classes at a local studio. Now my dance is central to helping me express myself and grow stronger in my body and my soul.

As I felt my mind grow sharper and my body more powerful, I realized that I was still missing one piece to complete the entire puzzle. I needed to use this new vitality to help bring hope to my community. So I founded two non-profits – Get It Girl! Workshop, which trains women in the art of salary negotiation, and Sprouts ‘n’ Shouts, where we teach kids and families in low-income neighborhoods how to cook healthy meals and provide fun interactive fitness classes for all.  My teaching days are my favorite. I am fortunate to have work that enriches my soul, but it’s the days when I take no profit at all that I end up the wealthiest.

I had no idea that a community of Hrithikians even existed, but a few weeks ago I joined Twitter with the thought that it would be a good way to promote my charities.  On a whim, I decided to follow @iHrithik and found the @HrithikRules fan club.  And so the circle closes.

You know, most of us have been touched by the words of another.  And for 99.999% of us, that person who has touched you is some sort of religious leader or maybe a poet, is no longer alive, has been gone for maybe hundreds or even thousands of years. So if you’re fortunate enough to be one of the 0.001% who has found some light in the words of a person who still wakes up every day, has breakfast, laughs and cries, then I think you almost owe it to the universe to realize your great good fortune and use it for good.  And if that person has a life that is dedicated to telling you stories that put you in deeper connection with human experience, then really, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is open your heart, allow yourself to be moved, and act.  So I guess you could say I think of “fan” as an action verb.

My life today is very different from that girl who cried in a dark movie theater. Every moment, from waking to sleep, is devoted to living on the edge of what I believe is possible. Every thought is trying to reach a higher height or a deeper truth. It’s a lot to juggle, but the juggle is a sort of dance too, and I think if I weren’t buried so deeply into so many projects, I wouldn’t feel so much joy.  It’s a constant source of wonder to me that I was able to push the needle on my own life. I hope I can always live every moment on the edge of what is possible.  For giving me the courage to take that first step, I have only one person to thank.

Thank you, Hrithik.

Contributed by : Megan (

She went, she saw and she marvelled : Meeting Hrithik at IIFA 2014

Dufan Christine is one of the newest citizens of our land. Did you need further evidence that Hrithik’s charisma and personality can capture hearts irrespective of time, age and distance? Look no further than her. She may have been one of countless who met him at IIFA but what she brought away from that experience is unique, special and something she will never forget. Here’s her story. 

First, let me say that this was my first IIFA event because I just “discovered” Bollywood movies back in December of last year but have fallen hopelessly in love with both the genre and especially India’s most amazing heart throb: Hrithik Roshan. Since I live in Florida, just a couple of hours from Tampa, I was extremely happy to think that the event would be in my back yard, and even more thrilled when I realized that I might actually get to meet these wonderful stars in person.

My husband and I woke up early on Thursday morning to drive across the  state. (Honestly, I couldn’t sleep anymore out of excitement!) We arrived at Tampa International Airport around 10:00 am, and had an opportunity to walk around a little, pick up an IIFA/TPA badge and booklet, and snap a picture of an ad for the event with Hrithik’s photo. Then we rushed up to the rooftop “green carpet” to await the stars’ arrival.

While waiting, we talked among ourselves to discover that some folks had come from New York, some from Chicago, and some were more local like myself. Still the excitement filled the air! Every time a star would land and the announcement was made, a cheer would go up! After 4 hours of waiting, my heart was pounding and I was nervous because when they announced that Hrithik had landed, the rooftop went crazy!

We tried to contain ourselves, but I don’t think we were able. When Hrithik stepped into the doorway leading out to the rooftop, the crowd surged and screamed! Suddenly, I was pressed against the barricade and breathless with anticipation and the pressure of 300 screaming fans!

As Hrithik walked along, the crowd moved with him, but I held my spot near the door. I prayed that I would just get one clear photo of him. I held my copy of “Jodhaa Akbar” and a black marker close so as not to lose it in the crowd.

Then suddenly, everyone rushed to the other end of the carpet. I was bewildered because I didn’t realize that he had walked out in to the crowd; all I knew was that there was a vacuum as all the people had been carried away by his presence.

Then just as suddenly, the crowd surged back against me, pressing me hard against the barricade. He was coming back! And all I could think was “Please! Please! Sign this DVD!” I held out the video and marker as far as I could, hoping and praying that Hrithik would take pity on me.

Seeing my hope, one of his bodyguards, took the DVD and pen, and keep it within Hrithik’s reach until he had a second to autograph the cover. Hrithik signed it, then shook my hand as he returned it to me!

(Let me take a moment here to say a huge thank you to that bodyguard! I may never know your name, Sir, but I will always be indebted to you for your act of kindness!) 

Now there were 300 people on that rooftop. Hrithik shook hands, gave autographs, waved, and leaned in for selfies for several of us…but I felt like it was just for me. There was magic there that I can’t explain except to say that even in a sea of people, Hrithik made me feel like I mattered. Me–a brand new Bollywood lover–now a lifelong Dufan!!

Other stars got applause; Hrithik received screams of welcome. The rooftop came alive for those few minutes that he was there with us. I for one will never forget it, or the sweet people that made it possible.


You may have seen my picture on Facebook or Twitter with my prized copy autographed copy of “Jodhaa Akbar”. I’m still on cloud nine because of the experience. I enjoyed Hrithik’s movies before…but now I assure you that I will not willingly miss anything that he is a part of!

My husband and I don’t speak Hindi, so the probably lovely jokes told at the award ceremony were lost on us. The music and dance, however, were awesome!

Again, the crowd clapped for other stars but went wild for Hrithik! Even at 3:00 am, after nearly passing out from standing at the green carpet for the ceremony during the heat of the day, I was hooting and screaming when they finally announced Hrithik’s showstopping dance number! (I know it wasn’t the planners’ intention that Hrithik’s number should be the last item on the agenda, but sadly once he performed we watched as half the stadium cleared out prior to the announcement of the Best Picture Award. Clearly, Hrithik Roshan IS a Showstopper!)

I will never forget this magical, surreal experience. I touched the hand of a man–a mega movie star with a heart of gold and eyes that mesmerize–but more importantly, I made contact with a national treasure that moves me to dig deeper into an unfamiliar culture with new love and respect for people who I might never have been fortunate enough to know otherwise.

Five months ago I didn’t know what Twitter was or how to use Facebook; now I have “tweet friends” in India, Austrailia, Peru, England, and locally.  All because of Hrithik Roshan.

Thank you, Hrithik, for giving me an autograph…a handshake…a smile…and the world! #HrithikRules!

Contributed by: Christine Fain (Twitter: @cfain63)

The man, the meeting, the meaning: How I Met Hrithik Roshan at IIFA 2014

DuFan Sonja may be a relatively new entrant to the hallowed halls of his admirers, but that does not dim her fervour. To each of us, he signifies something different. Each of us draws a different kind of strength from this man we so admire. And each of us will have a different perspective on meeting him. This is one of them.

Early in 2013, I came across Jodhaa Akbar on Netflix and decided to give it a try. Growing up in the Caribbean, I never watched many Bollywood movies but I knew who Aishwarya Rai was. I didn’t know the male lead in the movie but was startled by his unbelievable good looks – the only other human being I had ever seen who was in my gorgeous Mum’s class of beauty! I decided to google him, and this is how I discovered Mr. Hrithik Roshan.


I absolutely loved Jodhaa Akbar, and an Indian friend at work was only too happy that I was finally discovering the joy of Bollywood movies. She started sending me links to Hrithik’s YouTube interviews and performances, and as a birthday present gave me the DVD of a popular Hrithik movie, Zindagi na Milegi Dobara. I loved this movie too and was now hooked. I followed him on Twitter and from there I discovered a whole online world of HR fandom. I was never one to be bowled over by “celebrity” status, so I just stayed in the sidelines and quietly observed. I looked up his filmography and started working my way through his movies. Some movies I loved, others not so much, and some of them I still haven’t seen. But one common element remained – I started becoming less interested in the roles he played and more interested in learning about the human being behind the roles.


From his Twitter persona as well as the interviews I continued to see on YouTube, I became more and more impressed. I enjoyed hearing the philosophies of life that he espoused. Here was someone who had overcome his own obstacles to achieve tremendous success, and who seemed determined to use that fame to impact people’s lives in a positive way. From my own perspective, his dedication to fitness certainly inspired me – I have become a huge fan of Kris Gethin’s killer workouts (his one-time trainer) and am in the process of becoming much fitter and healthier.


In January 2014, he hosted a live shoppable hangout on Google Plus – scheduled to occur in the early morning hours here in the USA. I dutifully set my alarm, awakened at the appointed hour and logged in to the interview – after all, what was a loss of sleep compared to my first and probably only chance to see Hrithik do ANYTHING live! Little did I know that one month later, an announcement would come that he was going to perform at the IIFA awards in Tampa Bay. I got excited but at first my attendance didn’t seem likely –none of my friends or family were interested in joining me and I didn’t feel keen to go on my own to the show and to a city I didn’t know. I thought it over for all of one night. Fear of the unknown had never stopped me from doing anything before, so why should this be any different? I bought my ticket, made the travel arrangements, and waited excitedly but anxiously for April to arrive. When the time came, I nervously packed my bag and headed to Tampa solo.


I was excited to be in the same city as he was and wondered if I could get a sighting of him in Tampa. I had seen pictures of the crowds outside his downtown hotel and knew that I would be uncomfortable with that kind of crush. I thought I would try instead to go earlier to the show and get a good spot to see his green carpet arrival, so I got ready and headed to the Stadium at 3pm. Clearly I had no previous experience of the dedication of Bollywood fans. When I got there, the crowd was already about one hundred strong, with some having arrived since 10.30am that morning! The sun was blazing down, there was no shade and it was HOT. I stood there for all of two minutes before heading back to the hotel. This was definitely not my kind of scene. I was not one to be “celebrity-struck” and I didn’t want an attempt at a fleeting, distant glance of Hrithik to spoil my enjoyment of the show itself. Perhaps I just wasn’t as devoted a fan as I thought I was.

At around 7pm I headed back to the Stadium. I made my way to the entrance to my section, only to meet crowds of people milling around – the gates had not yet been opened. I decided to take a walk to where the green carpet was located – if I had to wait around anyway, I might as well wait on the fringes of the excitement! I saw the green carpet in the distance and stopped alongside the road that led up to it. The people who were congregated there told me that the cars heading to the carpet would have to drive this way. The crowd was about 5 people deep and I casually took my place at the back, enjoying the excited atmosphere. I didn’t realize that, little by little, as people left or changed spots, I was getting pushed forward. Suddenly, in amazement, I saw the barrier in front of me and realized I was somehow now in a front position.

But in a front position to see what, exactly? As the big names started passing us in their cars, they hardly deigned to lower their windows, let alone alight from their vehicles (Vivek Oberoi and Priyanka Chopra being impressive exceptions). It started getting later and darker and I could see the stadium seats filling up in the distance. My family was sending me anxious texts asking if I was planning to go in soon, worried both about my safety in the dark and if someone would take my seat. Even the crowds around me started thinning as people headed into the stadium to await the start of the show. I decided to remain for a while longer and kept scanning the darkened windows that passed me for any sign of that classic profile that I knew I would recognize, but nothing.


Then suddenly, the girl next to me whom I had befriended clutched me hard. About 10 feet away from us stood Hrithik Roshan. In his usual classy manner, he had unobtrusively alighted from his car and was making his way down my side of the road, quietly greeting fans and shaking hands. I made a conscious decision to put my iPhone away, determined to fully experience this very unexpected moment rather than trying to record it. Together with my new friend, I jumped up on the barrier and waited. Everything was incredibly silent and then, all of a sudden, he was in front of me. I remember a handsome face, light (but tired) eyes, a slightly bowed head and a little smile. He shook my hand and continued down the line. I recovered my senses in time to call out to him, “bless you”. He looked back, smiled and said “thank you”. I lost sight of him, sent some insanely excited texts to my family, and finally headed inside the stadium to await his performance.

dutravolta  001


Seeing Hrithik Roshan in real was something I will never forget. As the award show would not be televised for a few months, I made an effort to take some videos that I could share with other HR fans around the world who were eagerly awaiting updates. I screamed my head off every time he came on stage, and thoroughly enjoyed his performances. But intensifying the enjoyment of all of that was the feeling that I had been well and truly blessed. Not by shaking Hrithik’s hand – despite the tendency of some to elevate him to God-like status, I see him as a human being no different to any of us in that he is on his life journey, having his experiences, meeting his challenges, facing his trials, and (in his own words) trying to “live the best life possible, come what may”. No, what I felt blessed by was the potent reminder of one of the core philosophies that has always guided me through the years on my own journey – that we have ALL the power within us to create whatever we want in our lives. To Hrithik Roshan I was undoubtedly just another faceless hand that he shook that day – but for me, universal forces aligned to give me an unexpected and delightful experience that I wanted but never thought would come my way. I may never get a chance to see him again, but on both a physical and a philosophical level, the joy of this experience will stay with me always.

Contributed by : Sonja (


The Wait

The first industry reviews are out. It’s barely twelve hours until the first one in the team watches the film. And a little more than 36 hours since the rest of the world does. What does it feel like right now, you ask us?? What does it feel like to wait on the edge of a precipice, waiting for the storm to hit?? What does it feel like to wait at the edge of a vast field, with nowhere to run, watching the sky darken on the horizon?? What does it feel like, in those last few moments before the door opens into a magical new world?? We don’t know for sure.

It’s been three very short, long years. Three of years of waiting outside the barred doors like everyone else, salivating over meagre bits of information dropped carelessly by the lucky few. Minutely dissecting all available and painstakingly constructing our own landscape. Tears of frustration, and sleepless nights plagued with anxiety. Fanatical worrying about his safety. About the scope of the canvas. About the vastness of the risk they were undertaking. And wondering, always wondering if the world will repay the integrity of their vision.

We have no answer to the last question yet, and probably will not for some time. They have slaved and laboured and fought. The entire team of the film has worked towards one single goal – to make the movie the best they could. The film is not just close to their hearts, it’s a piece of their souls. An endeavour crafted to the highest levels of excellence they could aspire to. Crafted, moulded and chiselled to a template only they could dare to lay claim to. Do you term this as hubris?? Should they not have attempted to scale a mountain unworthy of us?? Or do you laud their courage? Hail their unswerving motivation to create something on the country’s cinematic canvas which has hitherto been considered a folly of the worst kind?

We have all been going about our normal lives, performing the same activities, going through the motions of life with as much attention as we normally spare. But in our heads, in our hearts, it’s all still. We’re waiting for the dam to burst, for the hurricane to hit, for the sky to rend asunder. We are hoping for thunder, and lightning and the vindication of three long years of toil and pain and unrelenting commitment on their part. We pray that when the dam breaks, the resulting rush will sweep away all doubts and cynicism. We need to know that all the doubts against them will have been proven to be unfounded. They MUST win.

What is our stake in all this?? The stake any one has in in the happiness of someone they love. Do we care about box office numbers?? Not really. Do we need to feel vindicated by him being crowned No. 1, whatever it may signify? Do we judge him by the number of blockbusters he delivers or the number of box office records he breaks? No.

But we need to see that sparkle in his eyes, that radiance on his face that speaks of another fear mastered, another pinnacle conquered. We need that clear, happy laugh which speaks of his victory over all the obstacles that stood between him and his vision. That quiet smile that signifies peace within and joy at having his dream come true. And that means the film needs to perform exceedingly well. Will it? We don’t deal in predictions, or possibilities. What has to happen will happen.

As for us, we hope. And wait.

Link: The need for a pan-Indian superhero


This is a very well written and intricately researched article about the evolution of superheroes in comics. Go through it if you want to know the history behind comic book superheroes in India and why despite their existence, Krrish is still the first of his kind.



Krrish 3 Dubai Press conference- Favourite bits!

pc end

Note: Apologies, was unable to get a better shot. Too many people surrounding the stage.

Her favourite moments of the show-

  • Prior to the press conference when Pallavi was rehearsing for the event, I just went up to her to have a word and while discussing the film ended up blurting out that I was a fan. So she teased me and said she was going to say that out loud at the event to Hrithik just to embarrass me. Haha! She was a total sweetheart. (She left out the part where she threatened to run away if Pallavi  did that.)
  • Nothing is better for a fan than to hear the journalists talking highly about someone you admire. While I was at the event interacting with a couple of journalists, two of them happened to mention how they had met Hrithik earlier too. One met him during Agneepath and said that he was such a gentleman compared to most stars who are extremely rude to the journalists and pass sarcastic comments on their questions. They said it was a revelation to see an actor who was down to earth and respectful towards them and that he has mesmerizing eyes. (Sigh. Tell us about it. *dreamy contemplation of his eyes*) The second journo spoke about meeting Hrithik and Aishwarya during Guzaarish and how divine they looked. She was so stumped that she completely forgot the questions she wanted to ask them. (If anyone has forgotten-white setup of the room and both Hrithik and Ash dressed in white, they were picture perfect. One of our fav sightings with the two during the films promotions.)
  • Gagan’s question to Vivek. It wasn’t just the question but the respectful manner in which he addressed Vivek that was heartwarming to see. And Vivek responded with equal amount of warmth and affection.
  • Hrithik’s reactions to the different questions (not addressed to him). OK I have to admit, that was one of the reasons I went because it is so much fun to see his facial expressions change from disbelief to amusement to awe during each question and their response. (And yes, I love that gorgeous smile!) This is something you will rarely get to witness in a recorded conference because the focus is on the person responding.
  • Hrithik getting up to hug the journalist, very sweet! Even post the press conference when he stepped down a couple of female journos rushed up and asked him for a hug and he obliged as many as he could before the security whisked him away. (We have no idea why she hesitated.)

But overall the experience was amazing. I only wish the questions asked were better. The lack of research was evident, exhausting and extremely frustrating (Krrish 1, Krrish 2, Krrish 3…the band question, was the VFX done in India). Would have loved to see the journalists ask some different and interesting questions. You ask the same question – you get the same response. Then don’t complain!

P.S- The cracks at her expense intend no disrespect. We love her to death and she is the point of all solace for us. Not to mention the one we run to when ANYTHING goes wrong. She makes a point to hide how completely mushy she is about him though. Yes, we’re all scared of her, how could you tell??

Krrish 3 Press Conference in Dubai.


Event: Krrish 3 Press Conference

Location: Oberoi Hotel, Dubai

Date: October 24, 2013

Special Thanks:  Bollyspice and Trupti

Press Handouts: The Farah Khan Fine Jewllery for Krrish 3 brochure with a CD and details on the merchandise, the event etc. Haven’t checked the CD provided, yet.

Accounts of press conferences are numerous and almost always hatched from the same mould. After, in how many different ways can you portray the same event?? Ah but our account of the Krrish 3 PC isn’t a press account. We aren’t glossing over the bad, or downplaying the good. And when you attend these things as a fan, the way you see things are bound to be different. So here’s the first example of a press conference from the POV of a Du fan – the good, the bad and the hilarious. :P

The contingent arrived at 2 pm and since even superheroes need time to get ready, the conference scheduled to begin at 3 got delayed by atleast 45 minutes. There was a lot of (very understandable) restlessness.

So in order to minimize the vocal dissent at the delay, performances were arranged. A troupe of dancers performed to all Hrithik songs, the music from KNPH to K3 were played and an audio visual comprising of the first trailer, the song promos and their making was played.

The host Pallavi from 1024 began by introducing the audience to the journey of the film, culminating in the entry of the K3 team to thunderous applause. The captain of the ship Rakesh Roshan entered first, followed by Priyanka, Kangana, Vivek and finally the superhero himself. Have to admit, each one of them looked STUNNING. It was rather amusing to hear the gasps from the press. One has to wonder, how they manage to keep their balance and objectivity in their press reports. Kudos to those who do. (Note: Our correspondent speaks from experience. Though she’ll never admit it, it was all she could do to not melt into a puddle.)

Press Interactions:

Note: All the responses/questions may not be verbatim. It’s from memory and partially from audio recorded by a friend).

Pallavi: Mr. Rakesh Roshan had a vision to make a superhero film like Krrish 3. First question to him is if he was discouraged by people advising him to not make a superhero film.

RR: I always had the vision to make a superhero film, so I started with KMG where Jadoo gave the powers to Krishna which led to Krrish. Since we don’t have a superhero culture it took me 1 and a half films to actually form a base, and then I could take it forward with Krrish 3. Now we have a superhero and supervillain. I have actors like Vivek, Kangana and Priyanka and I’m really proud of them. They have done a fantastic job in the film.

Press Q & A:


There were far too many mikes (atleast 10) on the table near RR and none of them seemed to be working right. The moment they tried to fix one mike, all of them fell off. The team were in splits. The camaraderie and casual interaction between them was heartwarming to watch.

Question 1- To Priyanka- Which one of her dual roles between the good one and the evil one did she enjoy more?

PC:  Starts by apologizing to the press on behalf of the entire team for their tardiness and thanks them for their love and encouragement and hopes the same continues. Answer to the question- good is always great but bad is better.

Question 2- To Kangana-  She recently gave an interview where she said that sometimes actors do films just to survive. What was it about  Krrish 3 that made her do the film?

 Kangana: Good evening everyone. Krrish 3 is a film that is very very close to my heart. This is India’s first supergirl and it is very exciting to do something new and be a part of such a big franchise.

(Rather rude and strange for the journo to state in the beginning that since everyone else will be asking Hrithik and Priyanka all the questions, she’d ask Kangana. And then they wonder why she was irritated. She took it in her stride though.)

Question 3- To RR- Since childhood we have been watching your films and we love the niche of Indian cinema and when I look at Krrish 1, 2(?????),3  I don’t see any difference between Bollywood and Hollywood. So don’t you think we are in danger because well, we love the technology but what is the difference between Bollywood and Hollywood then? (Hrithik’s reaction needed framing. He went from complete disbelief to a quiet smile as his father responded to the question.) (Which means our correspondent lost the battle to not melt. That particular smile of his is one weapon she’s absolutely helpless against.)

RR: I have always made films where the content is always Indian. I may have made sci fi films but I have incorporated Indian values. I have a father, mother, grandmother, children everyone in it. So it is a very family oriented film. It’s not just a science fiction film as that wouldn’t work for our audiences.

Question 5:- *open question*- If you were to film any scene from the trilogy- Kmg, Krrish 2 (???) or Krrish 3 in Dubai because the architecture is really suited to superhero films, which one would you choose?

RR- I will tell you something. I am making Krrish 4, the whole film in Dubai. *loud cheers*

Question 5 - My question to all of you – how do you manage to look so awesome all the time? I really forgot what to ask you… *tries to get to her question*

Hrithik interrupts – First of all hi everyone (loud cheers again), it is such a pleasure to be in Dubai once again. This is a place where I spend most of my vacations. It’s one of my favourite places to be with my family and all our movies (points to RR and PC) incidentally have done well here. We love you guys (cheers again) and thank you for the love. (We’ll bet our most prized possessions she was grinning like a loon at this point.)

*to the lady who asked the question* So you asked us how do we look so awesome. I want to ask you what makes you so sweet? (AWWWWW!) (We repeat the sentiment hun!) And thank you for the compliment.

She continues: About the special effects of the movie, it’s been done in India…is that true? (Sigh! Reaally??? Again??)

Hrithik- Yes, absolutely. That was a decision my father took when we started off. He wanted to give India, the artists in our country a chance because we have the talent but no one gives them the opportunity. So this is our first full-fledged, home grown, Indian, high budget superhero musical extravaganza.

Question 6 – Hrithik my question is for you. Whenever your film is releasing most people expect good dancing from you. So when you start rehearsing do you feel a sense of competition from other good dancers such as Shahid and Ranbir?

Hrithik- Firstly when we talk about competition, I think it is really good and healthy. It is the only place where you can have other people push you to excel. So I look at it in a positive way, I applaud, I appreciate because that fills me up and gives me the drive to do even more and improve myself . So competition is a great thing.  And yes of course I enjoy dancing – dance is an expression and it’s not about how perfectly you do the steps…I think it’s more about expressing… it’s an expression… it’s a celebration… so if you are not showing it…if you are not enjoying it then it’s not going to show so yes I do enjoy it. I make sure that I enjoy it no matter how tough it is. (Don’t we love it when he talks about his dance that way?)

Question 7- To Hrithik- I’m covering the Pak-South Africa series in Dubai and a lot of your fans want to know if you will come and watch the series since you are in here. In return they will come and watch your film.

Hrithik- (Makes the most adorable face ever) Well then, I have to come.


Question 8- Gagan Mudgal from 1024 to Vivek: Vivek, Krrish 3 is such a big film, a Diwali release with Hrithik Roshan directed by Rakesh Roshan but there is also a lot of excitement that we will see Vivek Oberoi in a negative role. Can we have a big round of applause for him? (the press cheers loudly for him). Alright Vivek, it’s a known fact that in all of Rakesh Roshan’s films be it Kishen Kanhaiyan, Koyla or KMG, the first half has a heavy dose of the villain. (Vivek laughs) So how much fun did you have while playing the role?

Vivek: Hello Dubai! Salaam to everybody ….how are you guys doing? Thank you thank you so much for all the warmth and the love and affection yaar…it’s always nice to come here, it’s always nice to see all this love. Yes yaar (looking at Gagan), it’s true that the villain’s role is very heavy in the film. Heavy because I’m wearing a 28 kg suit and fighting he superhero. So I was like a tin man wearing a metal suit and on ropes…doing err…or trying to do or trying to match with our favourite Roshan…Hrithik Roshan who is our favourite superhero in India and of course Dubai.  Trying to match up to him in the air…hanging some 30- 40 ft from ropes. It was a tough one but I love this role and I think every difficulty, every inconvenience , every tiring day was worth it every time you saw every single shot. So you felt that you were being a part of history, you were being the part of the greatest attempt, the biggest dream ever dreamt by Bollywood so I think that was a huge pt. (We LOVE their bromance and hope that Vivek’s comeback with this film is as strong as a superhero punch!)

journo hug

Question 9: The journo reminds Hrithik that a friend of hers had arranged for him to wish her on the phone in August (huge smile when Du recalls the incident) and that he had promised to give her a hug when he came down to Dubai next.

Hrithik immediately gets up from his seat to hug her.

Vivek: How many jealous girls in the audience right now??

*the girls screaming- everyone, that’s not fairrrrrr*

Hrithik thanks her…says she made his day because he was able to make her smile and it warms his heart when he can put a smile on someone’s face. (mellllttttt….)

*her question*- I heard about the Krrish band, I heard that it saved you and you wear it every time.

Hrithik and RR put up their hand showing the band.

RR: We all wear it.

*she continues* so can we hear something more about it, can you expand on it?

Hrithik: Well the Krrish band is more than just an accessory. It’s a symbol and according to me a symbol is more powerful than a movie or an actor or an individual. The symbol carries values which are associated with of course Krrish. But Krrish is not a part of the mask and the cape and the fact that he has these powers and he can fly around. Krrish to me is about his character – the values and codes that he lives by and it is one character that has made a huge impact on my life personally because right from the start of the film to the end I have suffered physical and mental agonies which could have broken me. But because I was so intimately involved with this character, was inside his head, it made me ask the right questions. Instead of asking why this is happening, I asked what a superhero would do. What would I do if I was a superhero right now. Starting from my double slip disc to my back, the doctors told my dad that you should not make this film and my dad even came to me and said that we will shelve the film and make it two years from now, you take rest. But I just knew that if it’s not made now it will never be made. Everything was ready and good to go so instead of asking why, I asked myself how. How can I make this work? What can I do to get over this? I could ask those questions because I was associating with Krrish and the answers came when I understood what resources I had. All of us in our lives, whenever we go through despair, we focus on what’s wrong. But if you just change your mindset and focus on what resources you have to change your environment, to change yourself then that’s when you will get those answers and tap into the power that we have within us. Since then till the time that I had my brain surgery, I have been completely associating myself with his values. I am an aspiring superhero within myself and I want to live that life. So I always wear this band because I want to remind myself that no matter what happens in life- one must always be in cause and never in effect and just to remind myself that I have the power that I need to change whatever I need to in my life. With courage, strength, and belief. Hope and always remember than life is less about you and more about people that are around you. Krrish is about contributing. He is there to help the world, to contribute to the world and these are all the values that I associate with this band.  So I guess now you got the entire lowdown on it (Laughs because he realised that he spoke for close to 7 minutes… without taking a break even for a second :P )

Question 10: Pallavi to Kangana-  A lot of  young girls look up to her for her fashion sense and that she looks very different and beautiful in the film and not like a regular bollywood diva.

Kangana: Well thanks to Mr. Roshan, he has given me a very challenging and beautiful role to play. I got to wear beautiful dresses as you have seen in the song, nice hairstyles, very fashionable. That’s what I love and I got to do it on screen. It’s very rare that you get to do what you love on screen and that too with such characters .

Question 11: Mr Rakesh Roshan, there is a compliment that came directly from my father to you. The song Sharmana Chod De Tu Ghabrana Chod De Tu from Khel Khel Mein – my father asked me to tell you that it’s the best song picturized on you.

RR: *blushes* Thank you thank you so much.

Hrithik: How sweet is that!


*question to Hrithik* There is no doubt that you are an amazing actor and you have been giving us such extreme characters with your movies. Like the Mughal baadshah in Jodha Akbar then Agneepath and Guzaarish- what a movie! (We agree!!!! We vehemently agree!!!) then the Krrish trilogy. But what usually happens is when you do such intense roles, people are not able to accept you when you do a simple role. Do you feel like keeping a balance between the two?

Hrithik: Well you know I really can’t manipulate or calculate my instincts. Whenever somebody is in the realm of creation, you can only create something, what you are within. So I am a slave to my vision, to my instincts so whatever makes me want to do something I have to just go ahead and do it. Whether it is commercially viable or not, such kind of calculative thoughts should not ever enter your mind, I believe.

*press female* And it shows in your work

Hrithik- I …just..I love you. (laughs)

Pallavi-  End note thanking the press and wishing team K3 good luck.

The superhero culture from the other side of the ocean.

The author of this post is from the far shores of Latin America. She’s a team member who has no ties or first hand knowledge about our country. But she does know her superheroes. And she loves Du. A lot of the videos or pics or photo manips you see on our platforms can be credited solely to her. We love her, not least because she never hesitates to speak her mind, especially if she doesn’t like something. Calm and logical to a fault, her regard for our man does not in any way extend to blindness. We depend on her for fair, calm and just comments. 


I am someone whose only connection to India is that I love an Indian actor. I am not Indian nor do I have any familial connection with the country. However, I do know that India has a conservative culture. I am not pronouncing a judgement on its right or wrong, just a fact. Maybe that’s the reason Indians have been able to maintain their original languages and traditions, something that western cultures lost with the arrival of foreign conquerors. Maybe being conservative is not bad at all.

By realizing this fact, it dawns on me how difficult it must be for the Roshans currently fighting to establish a superhero culture. Initially I didn’t find their efforts amusing but plain normal, given that I am raised in a western background and took the superhero culture for granted.

All the countries in the American continent are largely influenced by United States culture, so yes for us western people sci-fi and superheroes are quite common genres in cinema, comics, books and so on, but more importantly, people know that this goes beyond a high-budgeted-VFX-loaded film. It is about a culture, the Superhero culture. Superman, Batman, Justice League, Spiderman, X-Men are characters (Yes! Characters, not movies!) forever present in our lives. My almost 70 years old father can easily point out to you the Justice League members without the need of those modern superhero flicks doing the rounds nowadays. So yeah it frustrates me and yes! It amazes me when I log on to Twitter and YouTube and find that Indian youth, most of whom have no clue of this superhero culture and only know whatever Hollywood chooses to spoon-feed them, trash the promos of a film because it doesn’t (or does) look like this or that new Hollywood flick without even grasping what a superhero means, what a superhero represents.

This post is targeted towards all the naysayers and self-appointed critics of Indian sci-fi efforts. To all those who sneer at the fact that Indians will applaud anything and just don’t have the taste or knowledge about the superhero culture outside. Awe, motivation and worship aren’t feelings that can be inspired just by a guy wearing a cap and a mask in a film. It is about an icon, an idol, a legend that lives beyond the movie screens. Those are beliefs and values entrusted to each one of us through comics, series (animated or not) and yes movies.

Today I realized how bold the Roshans are to start this endeavor in India’s background. I can’t but congratulate and thank them for their efforts to establish something so alien to their culture. It may not be up to Hollywood standards. Does not lessen their courage and their spirit one iota.

Live appearances lead to collective gushing (against our will)

So it’s been more than a week since the Facebook live chat. (Nope, don’t even think about reminding us when the last blog post was. Not at all. Bad, bad idea.) Yeah, so it’s been more than a week since our apprehensions about Krrish were somewhat mollified. Which is nothing but a sanitised manner of saying that we were finally able to breathe somewhat after worrying ourselves into a premature grave about his latest cinematic baby’s first appearance (More on Krrish 3 first look in the next post).



Yep, that’s the reaction as he stepped into the Hyderabad office. And as much as our jaded and cynical hearts would scoff, it does warm us to see how easily he brings a smile to people’s faces. It’s always a pleasure to hear him speak. Even if we were busy transcribing mangled and unconnected phrases that the video feed deemed prudent to serve us. Even if we were irritated beyond measure at THE SAME questions being repeated. Because you know what??

When he smiles in that manner with his hand hiding his mouth or makes a fan’s day by dancing with her or admits shyly that he’ll be shirtless in the movie, we CAN’T help but melt.