Krrish mania in Singapore

Date: 04th Oct, 2005

Source: Apunkachoice

By Nikhil Kumar

Having secured full support of the Singapore tourism ministry, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan and actor Hrithik Roshan are shooting their movie Krrish at all the famous spots in the metropolis.

In July, Rakesh Roshan had declared with élan that he can “stop expressways” in Singapore after his agreement with Singapore Tourism Board to shoot Krrish there.

And Roshan senior seems to be leaving no stone unturned to use this opportunity to shoot his movie at as many different locations in the cosmopolitan city.

The film was recently shot at Singapore Zoo. In fact, Roshans seem to be promoting the movie even as shooting it. How? A poster inviting the movie buffs to take the autographs of Hrithik and other actors in the movie was displayed at the venue before the shoot.

After the zoo, few portions were also shot on the famous Beach Road. And a song is currently being shot in the Singapore National Library’s Plaza area.

Krrish stars Priyanka Chopra as Hrithik’s co-star. The movie is expected to release in mid 2006.

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