Krrish 3 Dubai Press conference- Favourite bits!

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Note: Apologies, was unable to get a better shot. Too many people surrounding the stage.

Her favourite moments of the show-

  • Prior to the press conference when Pallavi was rehearsing for the event, I just went up to her to have a word and while discussing the film ended up blurting out that I was a fan. So she teased me and said she was going to say that out loud at the event to Hrithik just to embarrass me. Haha! She was a total sweetheart. (She left out the part where she threatened to run away if Pallavi  did that.)
  • Nothing is better for a fan than to hear the journalists talking highly about someone you admire. While I was at the event interacting with a couple of journalists, two of them happened to mention how they had met Hrithik earlier too. One met him during Agneepath and said that he was such a gentleman compared to most stars who are extremely rude to the journalists and pass sarcastic comments on their questions. They said it was a revelation to see an actor who was down to earth and respectful towards them and that he has mesmerizing eyes. (Sigh. Tell us about it. *dreamy contemplation of his eyes*) The second journo spoke about meeting Hrithik and Aishwarya during Guzaarish and how divine they looked. She was so stumped that she completely forgot the questions she wanted to ask them. (If anyone has forgotten-white setup of the room and both Hrithik and Ash dressed in white, they were picture perfect. One of our fav sightings with the two during the films promotions.)
  • Gagan’s question to Vivek. It wasn’t just the question but the respectful manner in which he addressed Vivek that was heartwarming to see. And Vivek responded with equal amount of warmth and affection.
  • Hrithik’s reactions to the different questions (not addressed to him). OK I have to admit, that was one of the reasons I went because it is so much fun to see his facial expressions change from disbelief to amusement to awe during each question and their response. (And yes, I love that gorgeous smile!) This is something you will rarely get to witness in a recorded conference because the focus is on the person responding.
  • Hrithik getting up to hug the journalist, very sweet! Even post the press conference when he stepped down a couple of female journos rushed up and asked him for a hug and he obliged as many as he could before the security whisked him away. (We have no idea why she hesitated.)

But overall the experience was amazing. I only wish the questions asked were better. The lack of research was evident, exhausting and extremely frustrating (Krrish 1, Krrish 2, Krrish 3…the band question, was the VFX done in India). Would have loved to see the journalists ask some different and interesting questions. You ask the same question – you get the same response. Then don’t complain!

P.S- The cracks at her expense intend no disrespect. We love her to death and she is the point of all solace for us. Not to mention the one we run to when ANYTHING goes wrong. She makes a point to hide how completely mushy she is about him though. Yes, we’re all scared of her, how could you tell??


  1. Poly says:

    Man am i the only one who was never scared of her? :P
    and this is the best of the whole experience, the little details media won’t show :D

  2. Diya Gill says:

    Loved the way this has been captured… It is really tough… Loved and enjoyed to read every bit of it.. And also imagining it at the same time as if i were there… It made it real for me… Thanks for this one…

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