Link: The need for a pan-Indian superhero


This is a very well written and intricately researched article about the evolution of superheroes in comics. Go through it if you want to know the history behind comic book superheroes in India and why despite their existence, Krrish is still the first of his kind.



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  1. Diya Gill says:

    Read the article.. It was gr8 to knw hw it all began.. And d actual histry of comics in India.. The attempt Indian film industry has made so far and KMG and Krrish being the best so far.. The stage is set.. We are waiting with all eyes and ears to witness the grand much deserved success of this 3rd installment of the Franchise.. Hoping and praying that this is counted as the one to kick it off and reach to d biggst level… All d best…

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