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Knight & Day Remake  >  Bang Bang
Director: Siddharth Anand
Release Date: Oct 2, 2014

, 2003   Rishi Kapoor: Mark my words Hrithik is going to hit it in a big way with KMG. - Rishi Kapoor


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Umang 2014 will air on Sony TV on April 20 at 2 PM IST!
Hrithik set to perform at IIFA 2014 in Tampa Bay Florida on 26th April to be choreographed by Shaimak Dawar.

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Working with dad I feel like just a worker. There is no awareness of the star tag at all. Sometimes I forget that I am the star of the film at all with the work at hand.





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April 16: "U can't affect me by spreading lies about me. They ricochet off my armour. It's made of iron n its called INTEGRITY."

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